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About us.

Who we are.

A leading provider of software for creating sustainable construction sites.

Established in Sweden in 2004, Infobric has since evolved into a digital partner for construction companies in the Nordics and the UK. Today, Infobric is a company with more than 350 co-workers in four countries, bringing international expertise to local markets. With a mission to create software solutions that set new standards for a resource-efficient and sustainable construction industry, we develop solutions that make work safer and easier for hundreds of thousands of workers. 

Infobric Group at a glance

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What we do.

Digital tools tailored to the construction industry.

We offer customers access to easy-to-use cloud services that can be  integrated into their digital ecosystems. Our digital solutions help streamline daily operations, contributing to more sustainable construction sites. We offer solutions for managing workforce, contractors, and site safety, as well as vehicles, machinery, and other equipment. Our user-friendly, mobile-first solutions help workers overcome the challenges that come with operating in complex and difficult conditions. 

"Everyone is talking about digitalisation. We make it happen. ”

The construction industry is facing several major challenges globally. Low productivity, poor working conditions, regulatory pressure and a significant climate impact. Infobric addresses all these challenges. Our digital solutions make the everyday work safer and more efficient for people at construction sites every day, making us a cornerstone in a sustainable construction industry.

Dan Friberg – President & CEO

We address fundamental development areas in construction.

Improve working conditions

The construction industry is making large efforts to address workplace accidents, undocumented labour, and other safety issues of safety at the construction sites. Increasing safety for everyone working in construction has been at the core of Infobric's product development since we started in 2004.

Increase resource-efficiency

The construction industry generates large volumes of emissions (11% of global GHG1 emissions in 2020) and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint is at the top of the agenda for the industry. Through smart, digital technology we support the industry in accelerating the transformation towards more resource-efficient construction operations and reduced CO2-emissions.

Simplify compliance

We simplify for the construction industry stakeholders to comply with industry standards, legal requirements and other initiatives to develop a sustainable industry. Through our tools for transparency and control, our customers can minimise critical risks and protect their business reputation.

The timeline.

This is our story.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. We have literally made it our job to help our customers solve complex challenges using digital technology. This is the story of Infobric Group, from our beginnings to today.