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CEO message.

A message from our CEO

It all started in a basement in Jönköping in 2004.

Back then, the company was called Safetool and was developing a hardware solution to improve security at construction sites. Some of Sweden’s largest construction companies became customers early on, and Infobric got to play a key part in developing a new industry standard for access and attendance control in Sweden. We have continued to build from there. Expanding our business, our customer base and our range of digital solutions. Today, Infobric is a leading Nordic provider of construction software solutions. We offer our more than 10 000 customers a wide range of easy-to-use solutions for complex problems, covering everything from workforce- and safety management, to equipment tracking and fleet control. And we are on our way to transform the whole construction industry.

The construction industry is facing several major challenges globally.

Low productivity, poor working conditions, regulatory pressure and a significant climate impact. Infobric addresses all these challenges. We are continuously improving our solutions and developing new ones. I think I am speaking on behalf of all 350 Infobric employees when I say that I am proud to be part of creating a safer, more productive and more sustainable construction sector.

Infobric has a market leading position in the Nordics and we are one of the top players in the UK.

But we are only getting started. We are well positioned to becoming the European, and even global leader, in the new digital construction landscape. Our track record in the Nordics, one of the most digitalised and regulated regions in the world, gives us a clear advantage. We benefit from the accelerating construction tech market, and we have first-mover advantages in new markets.

Everyone is talking about digitalisation. We make it happen. 

Our digital solutions make the everyday work safer and more efficient for people at construction sites every day, making us a cornerstone in a sustainable construction industry.

Dan Friberg

President & CEO