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Our story to date.

A problem, a smart solution, and the will to make a difference. The story of how it all began goes a long way toward explaining our success. Below are some key events that offer a deeper insight into how we became the construction industry’s leading digitalisation partner in the Nordics and the UK.


Infobric starts the year by completing four acquisitions in the first quarter. The acquisitions of Hyrma, Intershare and Örndata mark the start of  a new business area for the rental industry. Through the acquisition of Jobsafe, Infobric establishes a new business unit within training and competence development for the construction workforce.


In June, Stirling Square Capital, a pan-European mid-market private equity firm, becomes the majority owner of Infobric.  Summa Equity re-invest alongside Stirling Square and the management team, as a minority investor.


In October, Infobric completed its 16th acquisition: AppSys Rent, a comprehensive web-based solution for the rental industry which enables digital, efficient, and traceable work processes. With this acquisition, Infobric further solidifies its presence in the Swedish market.


In 2022, Infobric continues the journey on becoming a major Contech player in the European market. Several of the Infobric companies change their name and brand to Infobric, including Addmobile (Infobric Workorder), BuildSafe (Infobric Field) and EquipmentLoop (Infobric Equipment).


In September, Infobric is named Sweden’s 5th largest SaaS-company in Breakit’s annual SaaS Report and is also ranked 4th on the list in terms of growth. Infobric is also one of the five companies shortlisted in the category “SaaS Company of the Year” at Breakit’s SaaS Summit 2022.


Infobric plans for further geographical and offering expansion. In alignment with these plans, Infobric completes the acquisition of AddMobile and MSite. AddMobile expands Infobric’s Swedish presence with headquarter in Malmö, while MSite represents a further expansion into the UK market where Infobric now has a strong footprint.

In June, Infobric launches a unique service for monitoring suppliers in the construction industry in Sweden. The service simplify for construction companies to continuously monitor that all sub-contractors are compliant with rules and regulations.


Infobric completes several acquisitions including TelliQ, one of Sweden’s largest telematics companies focusing on Fleet Management solutions. In addition. Infobric
acquires the two fast-growing Swedish construction software companies, EquipmentLoop and BuildSafe in
the last quarter of the year. Infobric also acquires 51 percent of the shares in HMSREG AS. With an expansive offering. now also providing Fleet Management, Safety and
Equipment management solutions, Infobric provides a strong and innovative construction tech platform with a shared idea of creating safe, efficient and more sustainable workplaces through digital technology. By this stage, Infobric solutions are used at more than 33, 000 construction sites on a yearly basis with 100, 000 monthly subscriptions. 


Summa Equity acquires a majority interest in Infobric from Jönköping Business Development. After the transaction, Infobric takes the next step towards becoming a digitalisation partner for the construction industry in the Nordic region. Through the acquisitions of Tempus AS (including its subsidiary Tempus AB) and Blastmanager AS, Infobric expands its business further in the Norwegian market. The transaction broadens Infobric’s offering to also include Time and Blast Management solutions.

SaaS acceleration phase (2017- today)


Infobric is awarded the prestigious Gasell prize for being the second fastest growing and most profitable company in Jönköping County. The Gasell prize is granted to fastest growing companies in Sweden on an annual basis based on companies’ last four annual reports (and less than 1 percent of all companies meet the requirements to be named a Gasell company). Additionally. Infobric is ranked amongst Sweden’s 50 fastest growing technology companies by Deloitte. By this time. Infobric has also started to offer contractor management solutions.


Infobric reaches another milestone with more than 15,000 construction sites using Infobric’s products (including sites subscribing to at least one SaaS service). Also, the legal requirement for electronic staff ledgers for construction industry staff is launched in Sweden, with Infobric being an important player in enabling compliance. In addition, Infobric launches its mobile application Ease CheckIn for easy registration of construction site attendance.


Infobric enters the Finnish market.
In 2014, Infobric reaches the milestone of surpassing 1, 000 construction that are using the Infobric products  (including sites subscribing to at least one SaaS service). Infobric continues to expand with respect to attendance and access services for the construction industry with systems located across sites in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK.  In 2015, Jönköping Business Development acquires approximately 80 percent of the outstanding shares in the company, while Scope Capital divested their entire position.

Hardware-enabled SaaS model phase (2010 – 2017)


SafeTool changes its name to Infobric and enters the Norwegian and the UK market. In addition, Infobric starts to provide site management solutions and begins the journey to evolve into a SaaS company, through new software solutions that are launched widely across the construction industry.


During the global financial crisis of 2008 to 2009, Infobric invests heavily in research and development in order to develop new solutions. Some of the largest Nordic construction companies participate in the development process.


SafeTool expands geographically by opening its second office, located in Stockholm, and further grow the organisation by hiring new key employees. Furthermore, the number of customers and construction sites using SafeTool’s solutions increase and several partnerships with large and established equipment rental companies is initiated. Scope Capital invests in the company and becomes the majority owner.


SafeTool expands its product portfolio and can at this point offer a broad range of solutions (including both hardware and software) to ensure safe construction operations. SafeTool is also the first company to be certified to provide solutions using the construction industry card standard ID06. SafeTool establishes SafeTank AB, a company that develop sensors and technology preventing petrol and diesel theft.


SafeTool implements the first project targeting safety issues to ensure that only authorised individuals had access to construction sites. Through ID06, the construction industry’s own identity card standard for access and reporting attendance, SafeTool participates in developing a completely new entrance and passage system.

SafeTool information system phase (2004–2006)


Infobric is born in a basement at Science Park in Jönköping in central Sweden. Originally known as SafeTool, the company is founded to address workplace equipment theft, a growing problem costing the construction industry billions of Swedish kronor annually. Co-founder Lars Göran Lindqvist, has witnessed the negative trend for years as head of a construction company. In addition to missing equipment, the thefts incurre huge indirect costs due to downtime and investigations. Keeping unauthorised people out of construction sites is another problem the new company hopes to solve. Lars Göran turns his idea into reality with co-founders Claes Rydin, Kenneth Johansson, and Werner Hilliges. In conjunction with PEAB and Lambertsson, they develop a system to control access to tool containers utilising RFID-technology.