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Our technology.

Setting new standards for construction technology.

We support our customers to optimally manage their workforce and operations, on and off-site. Through innovative technology, we are driving new levels of productivity and safety in construction and other demanding industries.

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Equipment & Assets

Site-centric workforce and contractor management solutions.

We provide a wide range of digital tools to increase safety, productivity, and simplify compliance at construction sites. Through our software solutions, we support contractors and site teams in digitalising critical processes and provide involved stakeholders  with the data they need to improve their business. 


Site Workforce Management

We offer market-leading solutions for construction site access, attendance, and identity management. Our tools simplify competence and compliance management as well as safety inspections and reporting. We also increase on-site efficiency through workforce pre-registration and communication tools. Our solutions simplify decisions about resource and equipment utilisation thanks to real-time statistics and data analysis.

Contractor Management

Our Contract Management solutions enhance efficiency and simplify compliance across the entire subcontracting chain. We offer digital tools that streamline subcontractor chain management and monitoring through pre-enrolment as well as compliance and qualification checks. Subcontractor workforce data management systems can also improve productivity thanks to digitalised data management.

Comprehensive SaaS solutions for mobile workforces and fleet owners.

With Infobric’s solutions, companies with mobile workforces and large vehicle and asset fleets can control and maximize the efficiency of all their assets. Through a comprehensive data collection, we facilitate performance and sustainability analysis of the entire fleet and workforce.

Mobile Workforce Management

Our Mobile Workforce Management solutions offer efficient scheduling and real-time workforce allocation through web and mobile applications. They also help plan, monitor, and manage project administration, including work hours, materials, and alterations. Digital time reporting coupled with automatic report generation and payroll system integration ensures tax compliance while minimising administrative burden.

Fleet & Asset Management

Our digital solutions streamline fleet and asset management using real-time data monitoring and analysis of vehicles, heavy machinery, and other equipment. We provide a real-time overview of vehicle location, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, driving behaviour, and maintenance. Digital driving journals and mileage tracking include automatic congestion tax reporting and integrated certification flows. Tool and asset tracking solutions simplify equipment inventory and monitoring, ensuring you always know who used what tools and when.

Embedded and hardware development

Designed for tough conditions.

When standard platforms doesn’t fulfill the requirements, we offer resilient hardware solutions. We have our own technology centers where we develop long-lasting products aimed for the toughest environments. Our tailored access gates and mechanics are developed in close cooperation with our partners and customers.

Trust & Security

We keep your data secure and compliant.

We understand the true value of data. To us it’s a precious treasure and we promise to protect it. We apply data protection by design and by default as guiding principles for the development of our services, making sure that both Infobric and our customers are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Why digitalise Construction?

Centralised, company-wide digitalisation is tried, tested and proven to improve productivity and safety in other sectors, we say it’s time for the construction industry to bridge the gap!

Rich data insights

Construction digitalisation is the main driver of productivity and safety compliance on site. Digital technologies offer site and head office teams rich data insights into workforce, sub-contractor, and site operations, providing greater visibility and smart insights to make the right decisions throughout the build process.

Reduces time & administrative effort

Infobric streamlines existing site processes, vastly reducing the time and administrative effort required to complete manual site tasks, such as worker onboarding. Digitalisation of these processes yields huge efficiency and cost savings for contractors, both at site and group level.

Data can be shared between sites

Standardisation of data collection across all sites and projects, allows for greater accessibility and consistency of worker and contractor data on projects which utilise the Infobric solutions. Data can be re-used and shared between sites, with Infobric profiles acting as a digital passport.

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Infobric offers a wide range of software solutions for construction and other demanding industries. Our product offering varies from market to market; visit your local site to see availability in your country.