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Contractor Management

Simplify compliance across the entire subcontracting chain.

Our Contractor Management solutions enhance efficiency and simplify compliance across the entire subcontracting chain. We offer digital tools that streamline subcontractor chain management and monitoring through pre-enrolment as well as compliance and qualification checks. Subcontractor workforce data management systems can also improve productivity thanks to digitalised data management.

Contractor Management solutions

Streamline subcontractor chain and compliance management.

Contractor Portal

Which contractors are expected to access the construction site, and do they fulfil set requirements?

Know in advance which contractor will arrive on-site.

Make sure all documentation is in place, ensuring that the subcontractors are legitimate.​

Pre-approval of subcontractors, with contractor compliance and qualification checks​.

Flexible solution which can be adopted to local market requirements and customer-specific requirements​.

Personnel Registry

Which individuals are planned to work at the construction site, and do they live up to the set requirements?

When a subcontractor works on many different construction sites, which in turn are run by different main contractors, the information needs to be submitted in a clear and simple way.

Digitalised controls that can be performed at any time, streamlining the process and thus increasing efficiency and quality.

Flexible solution which can be adopted to local market requirements and customer-specific requirements.

Contractor Portfolio

Which subcontractors are operating on our sites, and do they live up to the set requirements?​

Structured information about subcontractors on-site.

Enables follow-up and analysis of individual subcontractors.

Opportunity for efficiency improvement by visualising the subcontractor hierarchy.

Does the company pay taxes, salaries and social security contributions to a reasonable extent? Is the company financially stable?

Compatible with the recognised construction card schemes in the Nordics and the UK.

Infobric’s identity infrastructure support control and validation of worker accreditations through the recognised worker ID card schemes in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK. In UK, our platform MSite has an authorised CITB API to automatically check and validate worker accreditations such as CSCS, CPCS, CISRS, SSSTS, SMTS and other cards against the CITB database.

Business benefits


Protect your brand and reputation.

Minimise financial risks.

Control that all companies that are or will be operating on your construction sites are compliant.

Main Contractor

Ensure that only serious companies are involved - through minimal administration.

Avoid risks of interruptions and increased costs.

Avoid safety and work environment risks.


Quality assurance - easily demonstrate compliance with requirements.

Easy worker registration and enrolment through digital processes.

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Infobric offers a wide range of software solutions for contractor management. Our product offering varies from market to market; visit your local site to see availability in your country.