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Fleet & Asset Management

Streamline fleet and asset management with real-time data monitoring and analysis.

Our digital solutions streamline fleet and asset management using real-time data monitoring and analysis of vehicles, heavy machinery, and other equipment. We provide a real-time overview of vehicle location, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, driving behaviour, and maintenance. Digital driving journals and mileage tracking include automatic congestion tax reporting and integrated certification flows. Tool and asset tracking solutions simplify equipment inventory and monitoring, ensuring you always know who used what tools and when.

Fleet & Asset Management solutions

Enhance efficiency and decision-making for companies where vehicles, machines and equipment are key.

LCV management

Digitise your entire vehicle fleet

Electronic driving journal and mileage compensation with automatic congestion tax reporting and integrated attestation flow.

Large tax compliance benefits with automated driving journal fully compliant with Tax Agency requirements, digitising the travel claim process.

Monitor vehicle location, temperature, fuel consumption, emissions and driver behaviour.

Overview of the entire vehicle fleet in real time on visualised maps.

Tool and asset management

Track and analyse your equipment

Tool and asset tracking that provides an overview of all equipment and tools.

Inventory function including checkout, ensuring that you always know who used the equipment.

Reporting solution for damaged goods ensure that the equipment is in good shape.

Heavy machinery management

Your machines in the palm of your hand

Increase productivity, reduce wear and tear and fuel consumption.

Real-time access to data such as production time, idling times, fuel consumption and location.

Track service intervals and ensure well-maintained machines.


We connect the entire project to a flexible and digital chain that support scale up and streamlining of your operations. Through smart integrations with existing business systems, we eliminate unnecessary data duplication and provide a complete overview of your assets.

Examples of third-party integrations:

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Infobric offers a wide range of software solutions for Fleet & Asset Management. Our product offering varies from market to market; visit your local site to see availability in your country.