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Mobile Workforce Management

Data-driven decision support for increased productivity and resource efficiency.

Our Mobile Workforce Management solutions offer efficient scheduling and real-time workforce allocation through web and mobile applications. They also help plan, monitor, and manage project administration, including work hours, materials, and alterations. Digital time reporting coupled with automatic report generation and payroll system integration ensures tax compliance while minimising administrative burden.

Mobile Workforce Management solutions

Reduce administration and increase profitability by digitising project management, work orders and time reporting. 

Project Management

Plan, monitor and manage project administration through real-time analysis

Manage and get a full overview on changes and additional tasks in the project.

Keep track of updated cost calculus as the project is in motion.

Consolidate data for project costs, such as RfPs and supplier invoices.

Closely connected to work order management, creating an easy-to-use system for managing projects.

Work Order

Efficient scheduling and real-time workforce allocation

Distribute work schedules and tasks for optimal workforce efficiency.

A technical solution that provides a full schedule overview and work hours summary, updated in real-time.

With a real-time and location tracking, it is easy to allocate and re-distribute your workforce in case of project changes.

Time Management

Automatic transfer of digital registered time data to payroll systems

Digital solution for reporting of time, mileage and usage data.

Automated creation of time and payroll reports with the push of a button.

Enables well-informed decisions increasing productivity and profitability.

Ensures that tax and compliance regulations are followed.


We connect the entire project to a flexible and digital chain that support scale up and streamline your operations. Through smart integrations with existing business systems, we eliminate unnecessary data duplication and provide a complete overview of the project status.

Examples of third-party integrations:

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Infobric offers a wide range of software solutions for Mobile Workforce Management. Our product offering varies from market to market; visit your local site to see availability in your country.