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Sweden’s best complex tunnel builder

We visit Implenia on a project site to hear about how they work with Infobric’s products. Erik Arrhenius, Vehicle Manager at Implenia Sweden, welcomes us onto the “Förbifart Stockholm” site. Implenia is currently doing blasting work here, advancing in six-metre increments, as part of the Lunda subproject.

Operational support from Infobric

A growing fleet of vehicles quickly leads to a lot of manual handling. Erik soon discovered that he needed to get important vehicle and machine data (service status, operating hours – but also driving records, of course) under control.

Infobric, however, offered an easy way to get started:


“It was easy to get going, just plug the device into the car’s OBD socket”. The system provides Erik with an easy overview of all vehicles and machines in a single location, thoroughly reassuring him that all his company’s driving records are complete and that they are consistent with the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements.

“Infobric’s products have helped us streamline how we manage our resources and have saved us a lot of costs.”

– Erik Arrhenius, Vehicle Manager at Implenia Sweden

Tracks and follows up data from tools, instruments, and machines

Infobric also helps Implenia keep track of the location of important tools and instruments. Alongside data from all his company’s cars and machines, Erik can now meticulously track the company’s important resources and quickly get answers if something is not in place.

“We should have got started with Infobric sooner”, Erik says. He adds that he was extremely happy with the solution, support, and delivery times and that Infobric’s products have streamlined how his company manages mobile resources.